The AMR Centre’s mission is to accelerate the development of new antimicrobial drugs and diagnostics. As such we work globally with companies and research institutions to support the development of their products from lead optimization through to proof of concept and beyond.

Partnering Model

The AMR Centre is looking to partner with innovative companies and institutions from around the world. In doing this it maintains a flexible approach, whilst adopting a few key principles:


The AMR Centre offers a clear partnering structure and options

No Fees

The AMR Centre takes on projects at risk – it does not charge for the work done

Full Ownership

Ownership of the asset remains with the originator, along with associated IP


Programs are stage-gated with either party having the option to stop at any time

Upfront Revenue Split

On successful commercialization we  will receive a pre-agreed percentage of any revenue. This helps the organization to continue its work

Funding Options

The AMR Centre does not normally invest in companies and as such offer a non-diluting funding option

What AMR Centre Is Looking For

We are looking for AMR projects that help address the WHO priority list, namely:

Clinical treatments for resistant ESKAPE gram negative micro organisms
•  Antibiotics (broad or narrow spectrum)
•  Potentiators – enabling existing drugs to work better
•  Resistance breakers
•  Diagnostics

Projects can be anywhere between Lead Optimization and Phase IIa

Projects should ideally have secure IP

Project owner must be able to provide an ongoing contribution to its development. This is normally through the provision of self-funded work.

AMRC is open to work on a risk share basis with universities, SMEs or large pharmaceutical companies.

What AMR Centre Offers

We will support/fund the development of the project, normally through the provision of in-house or partner delivered services.

Through our experience and contacts, we will support the project owner’s application for other third party funds (eg CARB-X).

Provided that milestones are achieved, such support will normally be available up to the completion of clinical proof of concept.

In exchange for its support the AMR Centre take a stake in the project. As this is asset-related:
• it is non-dilutive with respect to the company;
• any reward is wholly at risk and only crystalizes if the overall project is successful.

The IP and asset remains at all times with the originator/owner.

Our Support Is Provided By

Our own team of medicinal chemists and microbiologists
  • 80 % at PhD level
  • A combined infectious diseases experience of over 150 years
  • Largest dedicated infectious diseases development team in the UK
Located within world class facilities at Alderley Park (UK), which allows access to a range of additional on-site pre-clinical and clinical services including DMPK and in-vivo testing.
Our wider partner network
  • The NHSA, which represents the leading research hospitals in the North of England, is on the AMR Centre board. This offers rapid patient access for clinical testing.
  • Liverpool University – Antimicrobial Pharmacodynamics and Therapeutics, led by Prof. William Hope and Shampa Das.
  • Through our Scientific Advisory Board we also link into a number of leading institutions.

Existing Partners

Alderley Park

Offers exceptional bioscience facilities for R&D focussed life science companies at every stage of their life-cycle, from start-up to global corporate


Northern Health Science AllianceA gateway organisation bringing together the facilities and expertise of eight world-class universities, eight research intensive NHS Trusts and four Academic Health Science Networks

Manchester University

Pioneering research from the Faculty of Life Sciences

Acceleris Capital

Corporate finance boutique with expertise in EIS and SEIS investments into emerging British companies


Brand and marketing innovation for the Northern Powerhouse

Catapult Ventures

Among the most experienced venture capital investors in the UK, spanning the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, luxury consumer brands, manufacturing and software sectors